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Health Insurance in Hong Kong

Enduring the pandemic has made everyone become more aware of the importance of their health and physical well being. Along with the unstable global economy, the cost of healthcare has been greatly impacted. Having the right health insurance plan can bring relief to our mind and financial burden of unexpected medical cost.

Protect your health and your family’s with these health insurance plans in Hong Kong

Alea, previously known as AD MediLink, offers great support and professional advice providing health insurance plan at reasonable price. As an Alea client, you will be given curated wellness information, member discounts and exclusive sessions with doctors and health experts. Learn more about Alea.

AIA provides a variety of severity-based health protection plans that determine your claims based on the severity of your medical condition. Using a scoring table to estimate your claim and allows AIA determines the benefit pay out. Learn more about AIA.

AXA medical insurance helps reimburse medical consultation and other medical bills such as surgery, treatment and hospitalisation. This can bring relief when facing unexpected medical expenses. Learn more about AXA.

Bupa provides an broad range of health insurance schemes, with plans including hospital benefit, clinical benefit, hospital cash benefit, maternity cover, dental benefit and critical illness insurance. Learn more about Bupa.

Cigna provides tailored made health insurance from benefits such as core outpatient, outpatient surgery, supplementary outpatient, dental, cancer and vision, all according to your needs. Cigna offers care manager service that provides complimentary healthcare concierge services and telehealth service which gives medical advice and same day medicine delivery. Learn more about Cigna.

Prudential offers a variety of plans to meet most of your medical needs, covering reimbursement of hospitalisation and surgery expenses, as well as treatment cost after discharge and more. Learn more about Prudential.


The information above contains general information about medical conditions and potential treatments. It is not medical advice. If you have any medical questions, please consult your doctor.