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What is a Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is an operation to improve both shape and function of your nose. The goal of the procedure is to make you happy with the way you can breathe through your nose and to make your nose look more pleasing and less conspicuous.

Should I, Should I not?

If you are unhappy about the shape or function of your nose, find a surgeon for a consultation. The following points may help you to feel better prepared.

Is Rhinoplasty an operation to be afraid of?

No, life-threatening complications almost never occur during a rhinoplasty. Surprisingly, in most patients a rhinoplasty causes very little pain after the operation. Of course you should be prepared for more or less swelling around the eyes for up to a week or so and breathing may not be optimal during this time. These inconveniences largely depend on the way your body reacts to the procedure and of course on the technique used by the surgeon and his or her skill. However, rhinoplasty is considered to be the most difficult of all plastic operations in the face and the risk of a result that is less than ideal is therefore higher than with other procedures.

How do I find the best surgeon?

An excellent result in a happy patient of course speaks for a good surgeon and you may rely on word of mouth advertisement. In addition, you should discuss your wishes in great detail and explicitly ask the surgeon about the chances of precisely obtaining the desired outcome. Don’t hesitate to ask how often the surgeon finds another operation necessary to obtain a satisfying result and what the conditions would be, should the need for a second procedure arise.

Remember that you may not require the most experienced surgeon if a simple procedure will satisfy your needs. Also note that even the most outstanding expert may have to redo an operation now and then. You will have found the right surgeon, if all your questions have been answered in a pleasant atmosphere of mutual understanding, if the surgeon precisely knows what you expect and you are well informed about the chances of getting the result you want.

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